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Starts: 03 June, 2019
Duration : 6 Months
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Dangerous Goods are articles or substances which are capable of posing a risk to health, safety, property or to the environment.

Shippers or owners of the goods use Airlines to transport Dangerous Goods and they require professional handling at all stages, of classifying, identifying, packing, loading and storage as per existing national and international regulations; then shippers, airlines, cargo agents and ground handling companies are required to employ professionals with related knowledge and skills.

Take a step to initiate this exciting career path of which upon completion, a person may work as a cargo agent with DG specific functions such as cargo acceptance agents, cargo warehouse agents, cargo loaders, cargo documentation agent, DG inspectors at the CAA’s, clearing and forwarding Agents.

It is a gate way to your cargo professional career.

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Course Title Course Duration Application Deadline Apply
IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations - Initial 6 Months May 24, 2019 Apply
IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations - Recurrent 3 Months May 24, 2019 Apply